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Mr. Handyman Reviews

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  • Inexperience technician - Horrible job

    I hired Mr. Handyman (Mr Handyman serving Winter Park, Oviedo, Maitland, Orlando, Florida) to remove the carpet from 3 rooms and install tiles. Plus, installing a fence and cleaning and repairing the gutters. The company sent me a technician that lacked of experience and knowledge. He did not do what was expected to do, he installed the tiles in a crocked way, no straight lines and not level, plus he used material that I did not provide to him after braking one of the marble threshold that I bought. Many tiles ended without grout. The time scheduled was not respected, the installation was... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    falconealicia's Picture   falconealicia    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mr Handyman

    I applied for the position as a domestic or industrial a week and a half ago,, 2 days later I RECEIVED AN EMAIL TO SAY IM SUCCESSFUL. I then phoned Joseph and every time some man said he will forward my message to Joseph. well, by the 5th email I said to this man everytime I phoned all you say I WILL tell JOSEPH. Today I received another email from JOSEPH saying that I need to phone him in the next 2 hours which I did. Only to speak to the same guy and telling me that I dont have the required skills........he was very abrupt and dont have the honesty and integrity that comes with a... More...
    bles's Picture   bles    0 Comments   Comments
  • Handyman theft

    I had Justin Husak do some work at my home that I am going to sell. He seemed honest at first and I trusted him to do the work. He and his uncle came for about 8 days total. I paid him for the work done and he was also paid, up front, for deck work. The total he owes me is $4200.00. He has not contacted me to return the funds even after I took out an arrest warrant on him. He has lied so many times, promising to give the money back but never follows through. He has done this before to other people. I am a recent widow and he knew that I was to use the money my husband left me to move to... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Vaughan1949's Picture   Vaughan1949    1 Comments   Comments
  • Precision Home Improvement & Lawn Care LLC, Bradenton, Florida

    The handyman Reggie installed a 1/2 HP garbage disposal for each of my two condos and charged me $395 for each one! The garbage disposal costs only $80. That means Reggie charged me $315 the labor for each installation which would need only less than one hour of work!!! I had no idea Reggie overcharged me that much until another professional plumber installed a same garbage disposal who charged me only $170 for both labor and parts, about the same time for a different condo. I paid Reggie $395 for the first installation already but I haven't paid him the second one. But the $395... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Lee99's Picture   Lee99    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor work ethics

    Mr Calvin Davis was hired to do multiple repairs, both indoor and outdoor. Their work was ok. They did have two fellows that really seemed to work very hard. The rest not so much. A bit of a problem because I was charged per man/per hour. But the biggest problem was they never finished the job. A huge part of the job entailed cleaning up branches and trees scattered on the property. Mr Davis acknowledged this was not done and promised it would be removed "this weekend" A month has gone by and every week he promised that it will be done this weekend. When I finally told him how... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Kisink's Picture   Kisink    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mr. Handyman Bellevue

    The area manager is all talk, but the tech doesn't do the walk! The job was to be a one day project, I did all the demo before they showed up (930am) he did a walk around and a material list then provided me with a firm cost bid. The tech estimated 6-7 hours all in one day. He then left to pick up materials( gone for 1.5 hours) starting the job at 11am. The tech didn't have all the tools needed to do the job, I provided the staples and tar paper. He ran out on wood to do the job(I went to get him more) he tried to piece in panels when no seam should have been, He didn't have... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • Household tiles in bathroom

    Charge by the hour and did not work the entire time. I bought all the tile and grout. Charged me for 6 hours of labor to replace 7 tiles. Maybe 3 hours tops to do this job. Wish I never would have called them. They offered me explanations that sounded like excuses why my technician was on the phone during the job and working very slow and sitting around a lot. If I charged $88 an hour I guess I wouldn't work quickly either. More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • Big Rip OFF Very Disappointed

    I live in Woodbridge VA and had used Mr. Handyman in the past to hang window blinds and set an basement door on track. They did a good job on those simple tasks so I hired them to repair a damaged outdoor water pipe. I was told the job would cost around $375. The worker came and said he needed a part and was gone for hours when he came back he fixed it but the pipe next to the that one was also damaged which I think if he was proficient at what he was doing he would have known that. However he charged us $568 for the parts and labor for the day and said he would have to come back to make... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    troopen's Picture   troopen    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mr. Handyman, Huntsville, Al.

    I hired Mr. Handyman in Huntsville, Al. to repair a hole in the ceiling, replace a door and a window. They charged me around $2500 to repair the ceiling and paint it. That has been over four months ago and was just here today to repair their painting work for the third time. The door I had replaced and painted, they charged me more than quoted because the owner, Jeff Stillwell, said it required more than two coats of paint on it. He told me at the time he presented me the final invoice, never said anything to me while doing the work that there would be an extra charge if it took more than... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Shawng's Picture   Shawng    0 Comments   Comments
  • Samsing Refrigerator not working

    AVOID!!! My technician, John, was very nice but the service ended there. I had called them to fix my Samsung Refrigerator. Here's a rundown of the service: 1) John arrived at 9:30 but spent the first 15 minutes on the phone with his boss, per John - this will be important in a minute 2) John asked me what I thought was wrong - and I told him based on the research I had done - he needed to check the coils, fan behind the inside panel 3) He took off the back panel - it was clean. Which I already assumed. It's only 2-3 year old. 4) He attempted to take off the inside panel but... More...
    (Repair Services)
    GChums's Picture   GChums    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad News

    This company replaced my shower and did a horrible job. The grout is coming off the tile, the tile is separating from the wall, and they never caulked the areas that needed to be caulked and now I have water that has been seeping behind my shower walls and when I called to let them know about this they basically told me that it was my word against theirs. Bad company. Consumers BEWARE!! They are crooked. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    fedup0220's Picture   fedup0220    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mr. Handyman Simsbury Ct

    Hired Mr. Handyman to do some minor repairs and complete a punch list left for an earlier remodel. They were quick to come but didn't provide any kind of estimate even though we provided a comprehensive list of things we wanted done. As my son lives out of town and is getting ready to put the house on the market he didn't have time to look around for competing estimates (I'll never make that mistake again). The whole job to a full week, which seemed like a lot of time to replace a few electric face plates, install a new fan, hang 4 closet doors, replace a small amount of trim... More...
    (Repair Services)
    wgilbert22's Picture   wgilbert22    3 Comments   Comments
  • King's Plumbing and Home Repair at Fernandina Beach, FL

    Dishonest company, cannot be trusted. We hired King's Plumbing and Home Repair (phone# 904-491-6200) for a handyman job. King and his assistant gave us a bid. We trusted them in their words. But when they finished the job, they added over a hundred extra dollar to the agreed amount. It totally surprised us. When we asked them about it, they denied their bid and said they did extra works. If there were any extra, they should have asked us and told us the extra amount before they did it. But they never said anything about extra charges. They simply handed us a bill and surprised us with... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Bulldog1's Picture   Bulldog1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Window frame came apart

    Not worth my money! Window frame came apart - it took Chad 5 minutes to run two screw through it. He did not have glazing - how do you not have glazing if you know you are coming to repair a window?! Since I was paying by the hour, I had him repair a latch on the garden gate. He screwed in a 6' piece of wood - shabby shabby shabby! And he charged me $20! for materials! 4 screws and a piece of throw away wood cost $20!! When I scheduled this appointment, dispatch did not tell me anything about materials being extra - for $146/hour, 4 screws should've been included. All in... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    ratatusk's Picture   ratatusk    1 Comments   Comments
  • bathroom renovation

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I purchased all materials, Mr.Handyman quoted and guarantee a professional result. The tiling on the floor is so bad it has to be totally ripped up. grout and silicone all over the floors and wall tiles. there was an entire tile missing from under the vanity, on top of the missing tile, he had swept garbage and left it. The tiles against the wall are uneven with gaps of 1 -2 inches between. He broke a tile, just left it, later to say we broke the tile. The owner Brian Dunn refuses to even come in and look at it, stating he's afraid of a 'hostile environment'. Well who... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    phoenix924's Picture   phoenix924    1 Comments   Comments
  • D & N Home Improvements

    Noel Moseley will represent himself as a managing member of D & N home Improvements even though D & N Home Improvements LLC is no longer in business (according to the BBB and the State of Florida). I hired him to build a deck in my back yard. The overall construction of the deck was good. However, he used interior screws on over half of the deck. This wasn%u2019t noticeable until after it rained one week later and the screws began to rust. He admitted the mistake and said he would correct it. However, he never showed up and stopped responding to my calls. I ended up replacing the... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    RCLogic's Picture   RCLogic    1 Comments   Comments

    Hired to remove old sheet rock in over the garage room, after foam was sprayed in contractor was required to come back and install sheet rock, apply knockdown, prime and paint. Member was paid $700.00 as half payment, but never came back even after I took two days off to be at home so he could access the work site. Member was sued in small claims court in Cook Co., GA - Case 312-289CS. He lost and has to pay restitution to client. I have since discovered he has defrauded many seniors out of thousands of dollars. Do not do business with Jamie W. Kent of Adel, Cook Co., GA. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    chiefd67's Picture   chiefd67    0 Comments   Comments
  • easiest job screwed up

    Mr. Handyman, the idea of this place sounds great but turned out to be such a hassle. My wife and myself plan on renovating our whole condo here shorty so we called Mr. Handyman out for an easy job I could have done myself, but wanted to see their work plus I didn’t want to buy the tools. Turns out they showed up late, but ready to fix my wooden entry gate. Now they charge you to come out, the materials, and then by hour. Now to replace; 4 wooden planks, 15 screws, 2 bolts, 4 washers, and 2 hinges I was charged about $350.00. This was not quite what I was quoted on the phone, I feel... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    warfeather's Picture   warfeather    1 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible customer service

    I had an appointment scheduled for 8:30am on 1/5/2012 for Mr Handyman estimate. Appointment was scheduled by "Carol". At 9:00am the day of the appointment, "Carol" called and spoke to my wife to cancel the appointment because "the appointment prior to ours was cancelled and thus no technican was in the area". I was very confused by this response and called and spoke with "Carol". When I questioned why my appointment was dependant on another appointment, her attitude was one of condescension and rudeness. She expressed no regret for the... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    ibbey's Picture   ibbey    0 Comments   Comments

    I utilized Mr. Handyman in New Castle County, Delaware to perform small repairs on my rental property. They performed the job and my tenant informed me of a mistake that was made. After 2 months of phone calls from the local franchise and corporate headquarters, the problem is still not repaired. I get the run around (we'll be there next week). This is unacceptable and ridiculous. I would NEVER use them again. The owner's name is Keith. If you call that one, RUN!! More...
    (Repair Services)
    lisaoneil's Picture   lisaoneil    0 Comments   Comments
  • price/quick paint job

    I called then for a quick touch up paint job in my living, hall and one bedroom basement and they ended up saying it would cost close to 2000 + he spent one full day there and then they said he wasnt finish the job so it would cost me even more money. I refused to pay that and called the better business bureau and settled on 780. Never will I use them again. The painter had my fridge sitting outside the house and I never even said paint the kitchen. Idiots no wonder it took him so long because he was moving thing he wasn't suppose to. He also got paint on the carpet and window... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    urselah's Picture   urselah    2 Comments   Comments
  • Big Mistake

    I used Mr. Handyman for a first time equipment maintenance job. They did not deliver service as expected and the price was outrageous. The office personnel were extremely rude and difficult to work with. I guess they feel once they've lured you in you may as well be a dead fish to them because the disrespect from the owner Patty Pierce and her subordinate office personnel was a clear indication they are not interested in fairness, satisfaction, or retaining customers. More...
    (Repair Services)
    SorrySucker's Picture   SorrySucker    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mr. Handyman Not

    Called them to fix a leak in my toilet. The guy on the phone stated that it sounded like a washer had worn out from where it was leaking. He said that would be a fairly easy job. So the repair guy comes out the first time. When asked what he thought was wrong, he named a couple of different things, and this was after he looked at it. Eventually, tells me the problems fixed but doesn't really answer my question about what was originally wrong. At that point I was just glad it was fixed. An hour after he leaves, toilet is leaking again. I call them back and find that the guy... More...
    (Repair Services)
    horner007's Picture   horner007    2 Comments   Comments

    I used to work at a Mr Handyman for about a week. I was a customer service sales agent who took the phone calls. I found the rates and service a complete rip off and the product was not an easy sale, other than to the vulnerable and those who just had no other option. Today I called to get the address of the location and the dates of my employment. I called the office number and reached a girl in an entirely different city who couldn't verify her ass from a hole in the ground. She did not know the physical address of the location nor could she do anything but email someone there.... More...
    (Interior Design, Home Repairs - Sponsored by SEARS)
    toddmpire's Picture   toddmpire    2 Comments   Comments
  • Rick in Rochester= Bait & Switch

    We had a terrible experience with Rick the Handyman in the Rocheter, NY area. We got his name from the newspaper and called him over for a quote. The quotes were fair but once he started the work, he'd stop and say that he needed more money to complete it. He started to grout our tile, then stopped and asked for more $. He got halfway through installing a bathroom faucet and demanded more money. When I refused unless he provided a better explanation, he said "fine, I'm done" and walked out. We were left with a half-installed faucet. He pulled a straight up bait &... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    rochester99's Picture   rochester99    0 Comments   Comments

    Calvin came to my home, as a handyman, to replace an existing lighting fixture, change out a faucet and hang a ceiling fan. After 2 and a 1/2 hours he still hadn't even gotten to the ceiling fan... he installed the faucet, however now my hot water didn't work at all and he installed and OBVIOUSLY damaged (don't know if he damaged the lighting fixture) lighting fixture. He didn't leave behind the boxes or the old lines (he left to go to Lowes for 1/2 an hour to buy new lines for the plumbing). You would think that knowing he was installing a faucet he would bring new... More...
    (Repair Services)
    lrubery's Picture   lrubery    1 Comments   Comments
  • Mr H is a rip off

    I hired Mr Handyman to install a new range top and the technician showed up late, had no idea what he was doing and took 6 hours to do a job that a competent person could have done in about 2 hours. I felt sorry for the guy who is just trying to make a living but he had limited experience, told me that Mr H provided no training at all except for how to "up Sell" and billed his time at over $100 per hour (really-no lie). Apparently this is another quizos type franchise that will probably go away - but beware of the slick adds. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    arabaca89's Picture   arabaca89    0 Comments   Comments
  • Waste of Time

    This is the email I sent to the handyman and I received a phone call from someone in the office saying they were very sorry. They also told me that I would hear from the comapny owner. It has been 3 weeks and I have not heard from them and I have a sneaky suspicion that I will not. "I had an appointment set with you on June 30th. My estimated service time was for 6 hours with an appointment at 8am. The handyman was a twenty minutes late but he did call to let me know that would be the case. The handyman sent my wife to the hardware store three times throughout the day, one of... More...
    (Repair Services)
    jsocha's Picture   jsocha    0 Comments   Comments
  • Damage to my property

    Mr. Handyman not very handy. I had a large branch come down in my yard from my neighbor’s tree. I told the neighbor she should take care of the branch. She called Mr. Handyman. They showed up and proceeded to take the branch down. Not knowing what he was doing, the main part of the branch fell against my Gutter Helmet and damaged it. The Mr. Handyman employee claims the main branch was up against my house when he got on the job. I have pictures proving the main branch was not against my house and the Gutter Helmet was not damaged before he arrived. I also have many witnesses... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    caseyboy101's Picture   caseyboy101    1 Comments   Comments
  • Price?

    Hole in my kitchen ceiling from leak. Used Mr. Handyman last year for this repair charged reasonable price by very capable technician and receptionist was very helpful. Had same problem again with same leak had to fix same hole was charged triple the price what took 1 hr now took 2 hrs. Tech was assigned from different franchise. Will never use them again. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    overpriced's Picture   overpriced    0 Comments   Comments
  • is useless

    We hired the Suburban Handy Man ( in Edison, NJ to replace a sump pump. He demanded half the money up-front which I gladly paid. He disappeared without testing the sump pump, which doesn't work. My phone calls were unanswered, my emails were ignored. On top of this, the suburban man was - Inflexible in terms of scheduling - Did not explain what he did or what could not be done - Disappeared without letting us know that he was leaving More...
    (Home Improvement)
    jagrut's Picture   jagrut    1 Comments   Comments
  • Rip Off!

    I used Mr. Handyman in Murphy, Texas. They came out saw that I needed a piece of wood, went to the store for an hour and that cost me $90 for a store visit 5 minutes away. They did forty five minutes of work and then waited three hours for the paint to dry before finishing. Those three hours of waiting cost me an additional $270. What a joke. What a crooked company. Total bill for forty-five real work minutes, $490. Repair was lousy. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    keaneideas's Picture   keaneideas    0 Comments   Comments
  • Consumer

    I used Mr. Handyman services on 04/16/10 in Central MD. and was charged $350.00 to fix a shutter and install a kitchen faucet that the technician broke. I personally would never use their poor overcharged services again and would advise any consumer to go elsewhere. The technician told me that when I got the replacement faucet that he broke they would return and re-install at no charge. When I called them I was told a different story and was told I would be charged the full hourly rate for the technician to return to re-install my faucet that he broke. What a joke and consumers... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Jake603's Picture   Jake603    2 Comments   Comments
  • Handyman

    Never use them. They gave a verbal quote and tried to charge me twice as much. Had them do a drywall job from start to finish with painting. Said we didn't know baseboards were involved almost all finished houses in so cal have baseboards. I would never use them again. Extremely unprofessional technician. Most of the time sitting out in his truck. Used all my bathrooms and clogged up the toilet. What a loser and what an unprofessional company. Never again! More...
    (Home Improvement)
    112876's Picture   112876    1 Comments   Comments

    What a rip off ! I contacted Mike Symonds of Carlisle MA for replacing some rotted trim work. His technician, Rich, gave me an estimate of 3.5 to 4 hours (on the back of a Mr Handyman flyer). They took 3 visits to complete the work as the technician failed to buy the correct size trim boards. He blamed that on the trim being different widths. Maybe, he should have measured all the trim before arriving to do the work! He also showed up unexpectedly on the 2nd visit while no one was home and then said he could not finish the job since the garage door was not open! Scheduling would have... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    dpimm's Picture   dpimm    1 Comments   Comments
  • Gary Goldner

    DO NOT HIRE ThIS CONTRACTOR! I hired him to paint my house and build a fence along one property line. He gave me a verbal bid of $2500 then tried to collect over $5,000 from me. He took me to small claims court when I refused to pay. He left the North side of my house exposed to the elements all winter, scraped but not primed nor painted. He also left gaping holes in rotten window trim and never secured it for the winter. I ended up finishing the work myself, including going back and adding screws to the fence pickets that he had only air nailed in. This man says he is insured and licensed... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    mplsirishgirl's Picture   mplsirishgirl    0 Comments   Comments
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